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Aspiring to create music for your ears and mind.

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Young music producer - Rishi Kumar
All About - Rishi Kumar

All About Rishi Kumar

Rishi is a 16 year old Music Producer, Composer, Arranger focused on producing and composing music across Hindi and Tamil languages. While he is not studying or composing music, he also arranges various piano covers, piano instrumentals, and karaoke instrumentals and also creates piano tutorials. If you want to be updated on his latest songs, instrumental covers, or tutorials, don't forget to subscribe to his mailing list - Link below.

What's Unique here?

Professional musician - Rishi Kumar

Free - Piano Sheets, ABC Notation sheets, Midi files, Ringtones, Tutorials and more

I spent a lot of time learning piano. When searching for Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English piano covers and tutorials on the internet, I had difficulty finding the correct piano covers and tutorials and no one provided piano sheets for free. 
In the case of Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil music, most songs didn't have quality piano covers/tutorials. Also, Karaoke Instrumentals that people use to sing covers were mostly ripped and very few free ones were of good quality. Instrumental ringtones are hardly available online for most of the songs. 

I hope to solve this challenge for people who love listening to piano instrumental music on the piano or want to learn how to play or even sing covers with authentic karaoke instrumentals, by providing free instrumentals, piano tutorials, and free piano sheets. At the same time by providing free MIDI files for people to load on their DAW to learn, or use to mix their own instruments and also sing covers, I hope to have provided another reason to come to my website / Youtube channel.. 

Please feel free to give your feedback and suggestions as that's very important to moving forward in my journey. 



Kesariya Instrumental Ringtone - Arijit Singh

This is the audio file of Kesariya Instrumental Ringtone.

Piano sheets


Kesariya Piano Notes (ABC Notations) & Piano Sheet - Brahmastra Part One: Shiva

This is Kesariya Piano Notes (ABC Notations) including chrods & Piano Sheet from the movie Brahmastra Part One: Shiva


raataan lambiyan.jpg

Raataan Lambiyan Karaoke Instrumental with Lyrics - Shershaah

Sing along with this Raataan Lambiyan Karaoke Instrumental with Lyrics or use this Karaoke to sing a cover of this song which is originally sung by Jubin Nautiyal and Assess Kaur, and composed by Tanishk Bagchi, for the movie Shershaah.

Piano Covers & Tutorials

deva deva.jpg

Deva Deva Piano Instrumental - Brahmastra

Learn how to play Deva Deva on piano, using the piano notes & piano chords in this Deva Deva Piano Instrumental Tutorial, use this as a Deva Deva karaoke to sing a cover of this song, which is sung by Arijit Singh, and is composed by Pritam for the movie Brahmastra Part One : Shiva

Best piano sheets & covers, karaoke, tutorials - Rishi Kumar

Best piano sheets & covers, karaoke instrumentals, tutorials, and Ringtones

We provide you with one of the largest free catalogs of piano sheet music, piano midi files, and ringtones. Whether you are a professional looking for piano scores (inclusive of ABC Notations) or a newcomer in search of some piano solo sheet music, or a cover singer looking for karaoke instrumental we’ve got something for almost every artist, style, or arrangement and the best part is its all "FREE" The only thing you ever pay in this website is for the WAV files of the instrumentals I create, in case you want to use them. 

Thanks for submitting!

Feedback has been an integral part of my journey since I started creating music as a professional. That’s why feedback from any of my supporters or social media mentions is always welcome. Don't forget to share your input even if it's criticism. 

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