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Having spent a lot of time learning piano, when I used to browse the internet for piano covers and tutorials, I always had difficulty in finding the right piano covers, and the times I did, especially for English and KPOP songs, the piano notes/ sheet were not for free. In the case of Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil music, most of the songs didn't have quality piano covers/tutorials and worse, there was no one offering piano sheets for others to learn and play. The objective of me starting this website and YouTube channel is to eradicate this issue for piano enthusiasts as well as people who love instrumental music on the piano.

All piano sheets/notes and MIDI files are free.- Click Here 

You will find this website segmented into Hindi Piano Instrumental Covers, KPOP Piano Instrumental Covers, English Piano Instrumental Covers, Tamil Piano Instrumental Covers, Telugu Piano Instrumental Covers, Telugu Easy Piano Tutorials, and Step by Step Easy Piano Tutorials for Hindi and Tamil Songs.

You will also find various piano covers and instrumental playlists various artists. I have segmented them into Indian Artists (
Click Here ) and non-Indian Artists (Click Here ).

Sometimes you may want to use the Piano instrumental covers as Karaoke instrumentals or do some re-mixing using the covers, hence I have shared free MIDI for all the piano covers  too. I also have a store for the WAV files of the instrumentals available for a nominal fee. These WAV files can be used by you for your covers if you want high-quality audio. 

 Karaoke Instrumentals with Lyrics for Hindi Songs, are available in the Karaoke Instrumental section and you will also find instrumentals of Tamil, and Telugu songs also.  

You will find Step by Step Easy Piano tutorials only for Hindi and Tamil Songs. Enjoy your time on this website and if you have any suggestions, please don't forget to give your feedback to me. I am constantly learning, so any input is invaluable. 

For most of my music on Spotify, you can access any of my playlists here :

Top Hindi Instrumentals
Top Hindi Instrumentals of 2021



Rishi is a 14-year-old pianist (Trinity College of London Grade 7), keyboard player, music producer, arranger, and composer based in Mumbai. He creates piano covers and karaoke instrumentals, for songs across many languages and creates keyboard covers for some songs which need surround music. Whether it be a piano cover or keyboard covers, he combines his piano playing with the visualization of the piano notes and piano chords combined with piano sheets allowing anyone to study music and learn how to play on the piano.

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