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All about Rishi Kumar

Rishi is a 17-year-old music producer, composer, and arranger based in Chennai, India. An IFP Gold Award winner in 2022, apart from composing his own songs,  due to his background as pianist (Trinity College London Grade 7) he also creates various arrangements of covers and posts them on his YT channel and Instagram . You can listen to his songs and instrumentals on all streaming platforms. Click on the subscribe button below to be informed about his latest songs and instrumental covers, 


In between composing songs he creates piano instrumentals and karaoke instrumentals for songs across many languages and has grown from 500 subs to more than 40000 subscribers on Youtube today. His instrumental covers on Spotify are a raving hit and he has grown from 0 - 100,000+ listeners on Spotify within 6 months of starting to upload his instrumentals. His Instrumentals are very relaxing and can be used for studying, workout, working, or generally listening to remove overall stress from a daily schedule.


Feedback has been a key component of his journey since he started getting fully focused on music as a profession and any feedback from you on his socials is always welcome.

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