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My songs

These are Tamil songs composed and produced by me. Please enjoy these songs and subscribe to the list to keep yourself updated with my latest song releases

My Latest Song - "Uyire" is out now - Please click to listen on Spotify

Uyire Artwork (3000X3000).JPG
Zindagi Album Artwork jpg.jpg

Jo Tum Saath The

Baadalon Mein Ghar Artwork.jpg

Baadalon Mein Ghar

Song Mere Ho Tum - Rishi Kumar

Mere Ho Tum

Dil Ho Tum artwork.png

Dil Ho Tum

Tum Artwork.jpg


Song Manzuri Artwork - Rishi Kumar


Song Jee Le Zindagi - Rishi Kumar

Jee Le Zindagi

Ishq Hai Artwork.png

Ishq Hai

Zindagi Artwork.jpg


Song Yaad Artwork - Rishi Kumar


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